Custom Formulation, Packaging, Blending, and Labeling

Let Herbal Symphony work for YOU!

Here at Herbal Symphony we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that you can leverage to create your own unique products using ingredients of the highest quality and freshness.

Formulation - Take advantage of our world-class Research and Development experts to make your ideas come to life. We have a background in both culinary and medicinal formulation PLUS the scientific knowledge to find and produce the best products in the marketplace.

Packaging - Don't want to waste months trying to learn everything about the world of containers, closures, and production? No problem! We will do the heavy lifting and have connections to find exactly what you need to make your product look the way you desire and to get in to you in a timely manner.

Private Labeling - Have the advantage of a personalized touch with your customers while ensuring they also get the highest quality products. Use our existing library of top-tier products or create your own custom formulas. No compromises required - EVER!

Sourcing - We've scoured the globe for the best ingredients that exist. We've partnered with awesome growers and suppliers that share our passion for quality. If we don't already have it - we can find it!